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General Questions

Many common repairs, including screen replacements and batteries, are completed within 5-10 minutes of check-in. Heavily damaged devices may require a longer turnaround.
Absolutely! All repairs and device sales include a 30-day warranty against defects in parts replaced. It does not cover any subsequent damage to the phone or components that were not replaced.
Yes, many manufacturers do not authorize third-party repairs and will void the device warranty. A common exception is a screen repair of an Apple iPhone which will not void your warranty.
Yes we do. If there is a pass code on the phone it prevents us from being able to properly test the device. Functions such as, but not limited to, cameras, wifi, and bluetooth require a passcode to test. If you choose not to provide it, these functions cannot be guaranteed.

Repair Questions

Many water exposed devices, especially those only recently damaged, can be revived after thorough drying and cleaning of the internal parts and, in most cases, a battery replacement.
Typically a non-responsive touch screen is the result of a damaged/cracked screen and is resolved by replacing the broken screen. In the event the screen is intact diagnostics will be required to determine the exact cause. There is no charge for diagnostic services.
Often times a device that doesn't turn on simply needs a battery replacement, especially one that is a few years older or more. Other times no power could be a symptom of something greater such as water damage. Diagnostics will be required to determine the exact issue. There is no charge for us to take a look at the device.